Last updated: January 29th, 2021

Projects built using the INDICIUM DataBus

There are lots of different use cases for the INDICIUM DataBus, explore some of our recent delivered projects!

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LoRaWAN to SCADA Integration

Combine IoT and OT together for the best of both worlds. The DataBus provided seamless integration of technologies.


ClearSCADA to Azure

Connecting ClearSCADA to the cloud allowed this client to capture their data and open it up for powerful reporting from Power BI.


Remote Asset Monitoring

Syncronise remote power station data for dispatching into the energy market.


Real-time Apps

Use real-time data to engage stakeholders and promote renewable energy.


Eagle Eye

Utilising wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) remote sensing technologies to improve Wedge-tailed Eagle (WTE) management options for forestry and electricity network industries, by detecting and reporting WTE nesting activity.


End User Control System

The End User Control System (EUCS) was built for Parkes Shire Council to automate the delivery of water to ensure minimal loss and maximum efficiency.

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